Thailand Work Permit

Foreigners working in Thailand are required to obtain a work permit to stay legally in the kingdom according to Working of Alien Act, B.E., 2551 (2008). You may apply for work permit if you are;

Group A: Foreigners who are not yet in the kingdom of Thailand, but wish to work in the kingdom.
Group B: Foreigners who are already in the kingdom of Thailand, and wish to work in the kingdom.

Basic criteria to be granted work permit
1. If the employment is regard to national security, and economic development, opportunities in the occupation of the Thai people, and labor demand in sectors such as industry and promote economic development and employment or not. Or the business is to promote the income to the country (e.g. business export or tourism), the new technique was used, and the Thai people are not able to work, or the shortages of labor or not and so on.
2. The employer’s registered capitalization as an entity that has paid 2 million or entity to which the foreign currency transferred from abroad to invest 3 million people will be allowed a permit for up to 10 people.
3. Others as the Department of Employment regulations defined in the criteria for the granting of the Alien Act 2552.Qualifications of a foreign worker entitled to apply for a work permit1. Having residence in the kingdom or having permission to stay in the kingdom temporarily under immigration laws.
2. Not applying for work in any of the 39 reserved occupations.
3. Having knowledge or skills to perform the work as stated in the application of work permit
4. Not being insane or mentally sick
5. Not being sick of leprosy, tuberculosis, drug addiction, alcoholism, and eephantitus
6. Not having been imprisoned due to a violation of immigration law or an alien working law within one year of applying for work permit
Validity of work permit
1. An authorized official may grant a work permit to a foreign worker in Thailand according to the necessity of work, but for not longer than two year
2. If the duration of employment is less than one year, a work permit will be granted for not longer than the period requested
3. An application for renewal of a work permit must be submitted before the expiration date of a valid work permit. If a work permit has expired, another application must be completed for a new work permit